Codes P1404 and P0410 came up when SE light came on on 2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette

Apparently P1404 goes to the EGR value, but P0410 goes to the Secondary air system, which is the AIR pump. Am trying to get a handle on how much this is going to cost me to have repaired.

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The P1404 code refers to the EGR valve being open when it should not be. This is often caused either by carbon sticking in the valve or by the EGR valve Postion Sensor being incorrect. The Sensor is on the valve it self.
P0410 is the Secondary Air System which runs only when the car is cold started. It blows cold air in to the exhaust to negate the higher, richer emissions caused by the cold start and run of the engine. A warmed up engine runs much leaner.

COST -> if you can clean the EGR valve then that is only going to cost you for a gasket and your time. If the Position Sensor is bad, the Linear EGR Valve on your GM car costs $350 or so.
The Secondary Air System is a bit trickier. First you have to find out which part of the Air System is broken.