Code Status on 2005 Ford Escape

Thanks for your list of common problems, based on Code P0171, now can you direct me as to what to do next? Autozone did reset light, and is has not come back on @ this time. What should I do now? Thank You.

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I would wait for the light to come back on, once that happens i will get a 2nd diagnostic to see if it give you the same trouble code. If you get the same code i would check those probable causes one by one. I would check for any air leaks in the air intake boot, PCV valve Ect
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here is a code explanation for code P0171 on RepairPal I would take this explanation, that has a very technical section for a skilled technician to us, to a good shop and they can trace down the problem.
As far as trying to find the vacuum leak, if that is what the problem is, you may hear a whistling or hissing noise somewhere under the hood.

If you cannot find a vacuum leak, you can try a fuel filter. They are cheap, usually less than $15, and are pretty easy to change on most vehicles. We used to test them by removing the filter, draining all fuel from it and try to blow through the filter in the direction of fuel flow.

It will be a little difficult a bit more force required than for blowing up a balloon, but if you have a real hard time, replace the filter. Otherwise, put the filter back in, as that test should prove pass/fail on the filter.