Code po410 on 2001 Saturn SL2

I found out the code for the Service Engine Soon light being on is po 410. An emissions problem with the secondary air pump I am told. Percentage-wise does anyone know which part may be causing the problem? I am o.k. doing some things on cars and would like to trouble shoot this myself if possible. Is this code strictly air pump related, or can it have anything to do with the coolant temp. sensor? We have had the car for 4 days now and this is our first Saturn, so I am just becoming familiar with it. Thanks!

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The P0410 code should not have anything to do with the coolant sensor. P0410 means the air pump system is not working. The are pump should run for a short time after cold engine start. You should be able to here the pump when it is running. If the pump does not run, check fuses and relays, make sure you have power and ground to the pump during the time it should be on. If you hear the pump run then check for proper air flow out of the pump and through the check valve(s).