code # po401 & po102. on 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

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How do I fix ? Rest codes but came back. po401
(1) Answer
I bet the car has low performance as well.
The EGR port seems to be clogged, also there might be excessive carbon deposit build up in the intake manifold runners.
The EGR system and intake manifold needs to be checked and cleaned throughly.
The P0102 can be a bad MAF sensor - very common on VWs, but also could be because of the restricted manifold.
If you lucky you might be able to find a mechanic or a machine shop nearby with an ultrasonic cleaner and they can clean the manifold, otherwise you might need to get a new one.
Anyway, first step is the EGR system, second is the manifold, than recheck MAF for P0102.