CODE P1493 battery/ambient air temp voltage too low how do I fix the problem?? on 2000 Dodge Intrepid

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We Replaced the Ambient Air Temperature sensor and the code still shows up when we check it. Is the battery temp sensor the same thing as the ambient air temp sensor? The codes p1493 are present even after changing the ambient air temperature sensor.
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I understand you want to fix your own stuff, but just because the sensor is listed in the fault, Does Not mean the sensor is the fault. The testing procedure is used with a chart to verify the resistance at the temperature to see if the sensor is at fault or the BCM, or the PCM. It could also be the CAN line running between the modules as well. It's not as simple as telling you how to fix it. Have you driven the vehicle after replacing the sensor? Well I guess you didn't want the real answer, no reply, Good Night.
We bought it to fix it up and sell. The vehicle didn't always register that there were any problems but it did sit a while. All we did after replacing the ambient air temp sensor was reconnect the battery and start it, and the codes were still there. Sorry, I wasn't expecting an answer so soon.
The whole front end is still torn apart, were going to make sure everything is all hooked up right. We had to take the pcm out to do other repairs beforehand, you think it could have anything to do with that?
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I can think of lots but the sensor if nothing else is wrong will only reset during drive cycle. The computer will keep the same info until the car is driven.
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