code p122 tps sensor on 1997 Pontiac Bonneville

code p122 tps sensor comes up replaced twice.engine will rev high at start up,sometime eratic while driving.also 1st to 2nd shift is high 4grand.tps sensor seems to be operating correctly,within specs.going around in cicles,or over looking something.could another sensor be the problem.

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you would have to check and see is you have bad o2 sensors and if the car has been sitting a while it causes the sensors to go bad. another is if your tps sensor is reading rich you would have to check out your throttle body and clean it with carb cleanner
TPS sensors do not read rich, OR lean, for that matter. O2 sensors do not go bad from "sitting for a while". Are you just making this shit up as you go along? You should at least know 1/10th what you are talking about before you start handing out worthless advice.
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You may have a bad connector terminal or wiring issue. Have you checked the tps signal from the engine module?