code P0715 input/turbine speed sensor A circuit..Car shifting funny help please on 2001 BMW 325Ci

Bmw 325ci Drove last night in alot of rain..once i reached home felt transmission shifting weird looking at the dashboard found a ! mark nxt to the gear indicator..turned car off turned it back on it was gone but instead was the service engine soon light..checked code and it is P0715 which is input turbine speed sensor A circuit..i need help i would like to know how serious is this and how much would it cost me to fix or atleast an estimate??....thanks

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you must seek help on this it could be the circuit or the sensor but it needs to be looked at to diag
thnx for the response. U think i might need to replace trans. or no it is not that serious and do u have any idea what is the repair might cost me..thank you
not sure on price and no not an internal trans issue.its most likely a sensor or circuit issue
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