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2000 Dodge Grand Caravan Question: code P0700 Trans Control System

What does this diagnostic code mean so we can repair problem with transmission, fluid full, engine light on, trans not shifting from high gear. -
Answer 1
This code normally points to a faulty transmission control module, but this is an expensive part and you should have an experienced Dodge technician diagnose the problem first. -
Answer 2
did you resoved the problem? I do have the code in my car. The 2nd or 3rd shift drop and engine rpm go high. -
Answer 3
P0700-INTERNAL TRANS CONTROLLER When Monitored: Continuously with key on. Set Condition: Watchdog test not in progress. The code sets if the delay/monitor line is low too long and/or the switched battery is low for more than .5 secs. A Dealership should diagnose this condition to determine the Good trip counter. If the number is greater than 3, then further diagnosis by a qualified technician may be necessary. POSSIBLE CAUSES CHECKING SYMPTOMS AND POSSIBLE CAUSES: LOW BATTERY VOLTAGE CAUSING SYMPTOM, INTERMITTENT CODE P0700. GLOBAL GOOD TRIP COUNTER LESS THAN 3 Starts. SETTING DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE 0700. With the DRBIII or Scan tool, read DTC’s. If the Starts Since Set Counter 3 or less. Replace TCM. 2 Record all DTC’s and one trip failures. With the DRBIII or Scan tool, erase DTC’s. Turn the Ignition From Off to On. If no Limp-in occurs, start the Engine. Did the erased DTC come back ? Replace TCM. -
Comment 1
What happens if not repaired right away? I am broke. And not sure how much something like this would cost -
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