code p0411 on 2002 Volkswagen Passat

just recieved code p0411 on my passat.secondary air injection system incorrect flow car safe to drive.what do i need to do to resolove this problem? thank you

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Trouble Code: P0411

Secondary Air Injection System Upstream Flow Detected
Possible Causes:

Air pump output is blocked or restricted AIR bypass solenoid is leaking or it is restricted AIR bypass solenoid is stuck open or stuck closed Check valve (one or more) is damaged or leaking Electric air injection pump hose(s) leaking Electric air injection pump is damaged or faulty ECM has failed.
pump failure is common on this model. replacing the pump, check valve and making sure the fuse is good is usually the answer for this issue. it is pricy but works.
the system adds air in cold operation to finish complete combustion in the exhaust manifold so there is no unburnt fuel going to the cat.

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I have the same problem found P0411. For a Passat 2003/ 1.8 Turbo. There is not voltage to air pump. Fuse is OK. I heard there is relay or any system that control this voltage?. Do you know where is the relay, any another suggestion on this case?