code P0410? on 2001 Chevrolet S10

What is code "P0410" means (secondary air injection system). I'm getting this on my OBD reader and getting "engine check" light on. Any advice will be appreciated! Thanks!

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Vehicle Application: 2001 Chevrolet S10 2.2L, FLEX, Vin 5, Eng Cfg L4

Customer Concern: Code P0410 Secondary Air Injection (AIR) System.
Tests/Procedures: 1. Using a scan tool, activate the AIR pump through the scanner listening for the pump to run and listening for any odd noises from the pump.

2. If the pump will not run, remove the air hoses from the pump and check for water in the pump.

3. If water is found in the pump, refer to TSB 04-06-04-015 to correct this condition.

4. If no water is found in the pump, and the pump sounds OK when it is running, check the AIR solenoid for passing air through when energized, this solenoid is only energized when the pump runs.

5. If no air is passing through the AIR solenoid, check the power to the solenoid on the Pink and Black wire and a good ground on the Black wire.

6. If no voltage is found on the Pink and Black wire when the pump is energized, check the AIR solenoid fuse located in the AIR fuse block in the finder behind the battery.

7. If the fuse if OK, and the ground is OK, but the solenoid will not pass air through it, the solenoid will need to be replaced.
Potential Causes: A.I.R. Pump
AIR Solenoid

Tech Tips: There is a TSB that covers this code: Check Engine Light On, DTC P0410 Set (Replace AIR Pump, Install New Hose Assembly) #04-06-04-015
Diagnostic Codes: P0410
Your OBD code reader is not capable of performing this repair.