code P0402 EGR excessive flow detected? on 1995 Lincoln Continental

please help me with this car shuts off when i am about to stop...and i put on the computer and throw out a code of the egr excessive flow tedected? what is this mean exactly?????....and what can i do to solve this problem? thank you very much.

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on the old obd 1 system, there is a position sensor on top of the egr was a common failure. the egr pindle gets worn over the years and does not seat anymore, no matter what cleaning you perform.
as my 2 comrads said, get it checked but i bet you end up replacing the valve with the sensor.

Yea, the cleanup is to dig in there and clean before reinstall new egr.
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Just like raiderron said. Get the EGR valve checked - cleaned or replaced.

Likely has internal pintle stuck open. Remove egr and replace as needed. May find lots of soot buildup. Can get egr cleaner at the parts store. Replace gasket when do it.