2003 Cadillac CTS Q&A

2003 Cadillac CTS Question: code P0341 camshaft position sensor A bank 1 ckt range/perf

the engine sounds like the valves are pecking, car was towed to the dealership, they said that the bad sensor would not cause the pecking, and suggested a new engine. please help Gary -
Answer 1
Gary, I had the same problem. If the valves just suddenly started pecking; thats not good. Chances are your timing belt must have slipped out of place just like mine did. You can try realigning the timing belt, but mind you on those cars you need a special tool. I ended up buying a new motor and installed it myself. -
Answer 2
all you need is replace camshaft sensor that all I replace my 740i bmw work fine -
Comment 1
Hey, I have the same problem with my 740i., can u please tell me where that sensor is located at. A pic would be great will_91941@yahoo.com -