1999 Mercedes-Benz CLK320 Q&A

1999 Mercedes-Benz CLK320 Question: Code P0170

My check engine light is on and I had the code checked, which the code is P170 - Fuel Trim Malfunction Bank 1. How much does it cost to repair this and what happens if I keep driving? -
Answer 1
here are some fuel trim code articles that I wrote for RepairPal to help customers and shops understand what is going on with this often confused code condition I do Emissions work in CA and have dealt with these issues for years. http://repairpal.com/OBD-II-Code-P0171-and-P0174 http://repairpal.com/OBD-II-Code-P0172-and-P0175 It would be best to find out more about the code P0170 i.e. are there any other codes, because this code just indicates there is a Fuel Trim Malfunction, usually there are other codes to indicate the fuel system is too lean or too rich. I have found that the best thing to do with Mercedes Fuel trim issues is: if it is a lean code check for vacuum leaks and then it there are no vacuum leaks and both banks are very lean, ( i.e. LTFT is above 15%) it is often the Mass Air Flow sensor if it is a rich code, it is often a Mass Air Flow Sensor as well BUT only use the exact part number Mass Air Flow Sensor, DO NOT use an after market Mass Air Flow Sensor! -
Answer 2
tuneup fixed mine. Did the tuneup myself, cost $30 bucks in plugs and 3 hrs of my time, -
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