code p0141 on code reader but told its my electronic brake control module help on 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500

i have abs lite and brake lite on dash, code reader says 0141 but mechanic says its my electronic brake control module which is up to $1000. to fix. and when i search i get o2 sensor for code 0141. i look under my truck for module and my gas tanks are there, i know there are several questions 1. what is wrong with my truck? 2. is this even possible for me to fix? and can i repair it myself as i see on you tube ? or do i have to soend the grand to have it fixed?

by in Worland, WY on May 29, 2013
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3 answers
ANSWER by , May 29, 2013
Check fuses! ALL fuses! Possible 1 blown to O2 heater circuit. We need the ABS code(s) to be more helpful.
ANSWER by , May 30, 2013
there should be a ABS sensor on the rear axle that screws with a wire running to it. Unscrew the sensor and clean it, should have a magnet on the end on sensor, if it gets dirty it makes the ABS light come on. If cleaning it does not work replace it. The sensor is not that expensive and would be my first try.
ANSWER by , May 31, 2013
Ok. 2 very different problems. P0141 is an Oxygen Sensor Heater Code. There is a fuse for the O2 Sensor heaters. Check all your fuses first. If all the fuses are good, you'll need a scan tool (not code reader) to check one more thing before replacing the Heated Oxygen Sensor. You need to use a scanner and look at the Ignition 1 input for voltage. You'll also need a digital multimeter to check voltage at the underhood fuse/relay box. Watch the scanner while cranking the engine. If the Ignition 1 input signal drops below 10 volts during cranking, then check the main power feed to the underhood fuse box to see if it is above 10 volts while cranking. If the 10 volts is good at the underhood box but the scanner shows that Ignition 1 input drops below 10 volts, replace the Ignition 1 relay. If those all check good, replace the O2 Sensor. As far as the ABS, codes would be helpful. If the light is on, there is a/(are) code(s) stored. I have personally done quite a few BPMV/EBCM combos. They are expensive parts, let alone the labor. And if you do the repairs yourself, you'll need a scanner that will be able to run the ABS Automated Bleed and Motor Reset features after replacement. Find out the ABS codes and let me know what they are and I can give you further diagnosis.