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2004 Chrysler Sebring Question: code P0128 code pops up thermostat

ok so, I just got a full computer scan and the only thing popping up is the thermostat. code P0128 After that the service engine light went out. I drove for about 10 minutes then turned the defroster on. after driving for a few minutes the needle finally started going up. not too much but it was moving up. I tried all the heat settings and the service engine light didn't go back on. It seems like the thermostat only works a little after the cars engine is warmed up and then turning on the heat.. If it is a bad thermostat wouldn't the service engine light go on as soon as I try to use the heat? If it seems to be working a little after the engine warms up how would someone test for a sensor? I am going to try to turn the heat off before turning off the car then next time I drive wait a few minutes and then turn the heat on. I just want to see when the service engine light comes back on. Also are sensors for the ect and iat expensive to replace? and how are they tested? -
Answer 1
your therm is either stuck open or is sticking at times,repl and reset service liht with scanner -
Comment 1
please read...why would someone break the top half of the themostat off and leave the base? also could bottoming out in the driveway on snow and ice cause a code to pop up on the catalitic converter? bank 2 -