Code p-1233 fuel pump driver module offline on 2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

This is the code that came up and i wanted to know how hard is it to install myself and where is it located on the truck ??

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It is a little more complicated than receiving a codes and replacing a part. This DTC indicates the powertrain control module (PCM) is not receiving the fuel pump information on the communication link from the rear electronics module (REM). The PCM monitors the fuel pump monitor (FPM) circuit from the fuel pump driver module (FPDM). With the key on, the FPDM continuously sends a duty cycle signal to the PCM through the FPM circuit. The test fails if the PCM stops receiving the duty cycle signal. Here is a list of possible failures that could lead to this DTC:
Inertia fuel shutoff (IFS) switch needs to be reset
Open FPDM ground circuit
Open circuit to FPDM PWR RLY
Open FPDM PWR circuit
Open or shorted FPM circuit (engine should start)
Damaged IFS switch
Damaged FPDM

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This is a problem that should only be diaged and fixed by a electrical specialist. Major problems can come about in the hands of a novice