Code is misfire #6 cylinder coil PAC OK changed plugs #6 plug fouled gas smell. on 2002 Dodge Dakota

And black in color sounds like valve tap but still has power

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Check compression, swap coil to see if misfire follows it!
Swamped with #4 coil still came up misfire #6 absolutely no signs of this happening car was great in the morning 12 mile ride sat for 6 hours started and misfire and taping noise appeared
Check compression on 6 and compare to another cyl. that is ok! See if #6 plug is wet.
#6 was wet with gas can't check compression till tomm Almost sounds like across between valve tap and out of timim
G when stepping on gas
Now we need to know what the compression is! Possible camshaft or follower problem. Slight chance injector but not likely. Post results later.
Can you explain camshaft or follower problem do you think it could be internal or maybe can sensor or egr valve car is a cream puff wife drove it since new still show room inside and out almost 200 thousand miles all original. Just worried may need major engine work or replaced what's your feeling
This is on top of the engine, (cam and lets 'say' rockers) if this is the problem it can be repaired without much trouble, however all we can do is offer some possible causes, which could be wrong. We will know more after comp. test. Intake valve has to open for proper compression, got to have air to compress, may be the trouble and tapping noise due to follower problem.
I agree with wetry we need to know if the cyl has compression to further diag problem could be a bad injector
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ck compression in #6 cyl to start
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