code for the check engine light, 12. knock control sensor signal. where is it? on 1993 Toyota Camry

car died on the road, towed it home. It doesn't want to start, like if it doesn't get any gas, plus i can hear knockin noise, when i try to start it. I changed the fuel tank cap, the gas filter. And i have the knock sensor but I can't find it, because that's what I read online, trouble for that code #12, is that correct.

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The sensor is not the problem! Have someone check the folowing: ignition fire, fuel pump operation and timing belt.
Change the rotor, distributer cap, coil, gas filter, gas tank cap. and still dont have a spark. I still have the Knock sensor, I still can't find it on the the car. the timing belt was change 2 years ago when I paid to changed the water pump.
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