code for the check engine light, 12. knock control sensor signal. where is it? on 1993 Toyota Camry

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car died on the road, towed it home. It doesn't want to start, like if it doesn't get any gas, plus i can hear knockin noise, when i try to start it. I changed the fuel tank cap, the gas filter. And i have the knock sensor but I can't find it, because that's what I read online, trouble for that code #12, is that correct.
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The sensor is not the problem! Have someone check the folowing: ignition fire, fuel pump operation and timing belt.
Change the rotor, distributer cap, coil, gas filter, gas tank cap. and still dont have a spark. I still have the Knock sensor, I still can't find it on the the car. the timing belt was change 2 years ago when I paid to changed the water pump.
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