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Cobble Hill Super Service Inc.
February 23, 2015

This gas station/service center is very close to my apartment but I usually avoid going there as their gas is typically about $1 more than any other gas station in the city. However, when it came time to get my NY State Inspection done, I figured why not.

Unfortunately that was a big mistake. I apparently needed a front tire, which I did not verify and after my later experiences with them, I wonder if that was even true. The cost of the tire was $125 (sold for $79 at Costco) and he charged $40 for labor ($15 at Costco). Basically, $70 more, or more than 50% more. I asked him if he could do it for a little cheaper to get closer to Costco's price and that's when he became verbally aggressive and very rude. I have never been met with such a hostile and unprofessional attitude after simply asking "do you think you could do it a little cheaper to get closer to costco's price?". That was the only thing I said, however, apparently that was too much for him to hear. Unfortunately I was in a bind and needed the inspection that day (it was snowing and driving farther was not an option) so he was my only choice. He clearly knew that he was my only option and he even implied that I had no other choice in our conversation.

In the end, he bullied me into paying him the ridiculous price and given his poor attitude and lack of decency, I feel disgusted having to do so. Needless to say, I will never return to this service center and would advise others to find a more reasonable place that can provide a more enjoyable experience.

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Cobble Hill Super Service Inc.
December 19, 2014

NO! Do not go here for anything. Complete crooks with a long history of fraudulent activity and dishonesty. I should have looked up reviews like this before going here. They lied to me and said my car need repair when it was 100% fine. Tony was also pushy and rude.

I brought my relatively new car (25,000 miles) for regular state inspection. He kept it overnight and when I returned in the morning, I found out that he failed my car. He said that my brakes pads were "down to the metal" and that I need a replacement. He said he would charge me hundreds of dollars to make the replacement.

I didn't believe him and walked out. Perhaps it was a paperwork error? So I called him up a day later to have him make sure it wasn't a silly paperwork error. He ensured me that his diagnosis was meant for my car.

So I brought it to my certified dealership and they said my brakes were 100% fine and he thought I had at least another 10,000 miles before I might need to fix my brakes. So now, here I am - total waste of my time at Cobblehill Super Service because my car was completely fine and should have passed inspection but Tony failed me to make money. Such dishonesty. I just wonder how many other people he has wrongfully failed who DID accept his suggestions.

I hope this review deters people from going here. Or perhaps Tony will read this and decide to do the right thing - clean up his business practices and give people 'Super Service', as suggested in the name of the garage.

Just think of the negative impact on business that bad reviews make on a service garage. Surely, a LOT more than the few hundred he would have made off me.

To be fair, my complaint deals with Tony, not Jason.

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Cobble Hill Super Service Inc.
July 16, 2010

WHEN IT COMES TO INSPECTIONS - WATCH OUT. This car may do well when you take it in for repairs that you know about BUT do NOT TAKE THIS CAR IN FOR INSPECTION. They will find any little reason to not pass inspection - that is after they remove the inspection sticker then you become at the mercy of their shop and costs. I stopped by this morning because of the location BUT if I had remembered - the same thing happend to me 10 years ago. They told me that my one year old car would not pass inspection because it needed new breaks - a one year old car with less than 8000 miles. THESE GUYS ARE CROOKS

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Cobble Hill Super Service Inc.
October 04, 2009


My girlfriend needed a jump yesterday and called AAA. When the tow truck arrived he claimed the battery was dangerous and he couldn't jump it. He told her it would need to be towed. When she asked for it to be taken to Firestone (we have a Firestone card) he told her he could tow it to his garage for free, but it would cost $90 to tow to another garage (Which isn't true, AAA will tow for 3 miles or under without charge). Once at Cobble Hill service center they ran a diagnostic ($70) and told her she needed a new battery, alternator, brake pads and struts. Complete B.S. She called Firestone and they recommended another tow company. When we called them they said it was the third time this month they've had AAA customers call to have their cars removed from this garage.

When we went to pay the diagnostic and get the keys I asked the manager (Tony I believe) what the diagnostic involved and he immediately flew off the handle. He told me they "hooked up a voltmeter" and mumbled something. He wouldn't give me a straight answer about anything they did and got angrier and angrier. Then, as we were paying the "diagnostic fee" he asked me if "I had a problem" because I was staring at him, he jumped up, stuck his finger in face and told me we could take it outside and "fix the problem". His breath reeked of alcohol (it was 3 in the afternoon) and it was just so bizarre I couldn't believe it. It was how I imagine people in prison act. He was like a rabid animal. My girlfriend asked him what his problem was and he said "You come back here and see how he's staring at me..."

The funny thing is once we got the keys the car started just fine. We were able to drive it to Firestone where they ran a real diagnostic, showed us that the old battery wasn't charging properly and needed to be replaced. The alternator was fine and the brake pads had plenty of life left in them.

Cobble Hill Service station should be avoided at all costs. These people are hostile, thieving filth. We are filing a complaint about them with AAA and the DMV. DO NOT GO THERE!

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Cobble Hill Super Service Inc.
May 18, 2009

Last week, my car was towed to Cobble Hill station through triple AAA. I had a 2004 Honda that wouldn’t start and I wasn’t sure why. I was kinda of panicking about it cause I love my HONDA and it is my only means of transportation between school and work. During this time I went online and read the reviews for this place and starting having an anxiety attack. Some of the reviews were not so good and quite frankly I really hoped that i wasn’t gonna get screwed out of money that I didn’t have! The tow guy was very polite and nice to me but hey you still never know. Anyway, the next day I recieved a called from someone who worked there and he said that I needed a new fuel pump. I asked him “Is that it?” he said ” Yes Honey” and told me that I could even pick the car up after 5pm that day. I was confused because some of the reviews about this station said that it is a ripp off. The mechanic was in a perfect position to screw me out of money and he didn’t! I didn’t question it and picked up my car and thanked GOD!!! In return I am posting this review on several sites because I feel that people should also read about my GOOD experience with Cobble Hill on Atlantic and Henry!!!:)

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Cobble Hill Super Service Inc.
April 18, 2009

"My wife couldn't start our car the other day, with two kids and a lot on her mind, she called AAA for a jump. Cobble Hill Super Service showed up 45 minutes late and told her it wasn't the battery, it was an electrical problem. They recommended that she have them tow the car to their shop. An hour later they called me: bad battery, bad alternator, and oh yeah, bad rear brakes and leaking struts. I was dubious and I refused service and asked my Honda dealership to tow the car away. I still had to pay $70 for a diagnostic fee. The Honda dealership called me: The dome light was left on all night, draining the battery, The battery just needed to be recharged. The dealership told me the alternator, brakes and struts were fine. CSSI wanted $600 parts/labor for a new alternator and battery (without the brake and strut work). LIARS. DO NOT USE THESE GUYS. TONY IS THE OWNER AND IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED. THERE ARE PLENTY OF OTHER, REPUTABLE SHOPS. I have filed a complaint with AAA -- you can always request that AAA use a different towing company if they suggest Cobble Hill -- and with the NYS Consumer Protection Dept. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY." ----------------

"When I called the DMV a helpful but somewhat discouraging rep gave me the news: there are “many” (she’s “not allowed” to give me a number) complaints about this place. But it takes hundreds of complaints to shut a car repair garage down." --------------------------------------------------------------------
As for:
Jeanie S, March 27, 2009 08:33 and that post..... This station has not been pumping Gas for the last few months while they are doing work on the site. I have no Idea how this person is buying Fuel there. Suspicious??? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Top Google search results for this place!!-- YOU BE THE JUDGE!!!! .........................................................................................................................................................................................

http://www.brooklynian.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3661 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

http://repairpal.com/directory/2629-cobblehill+super+service+incorporated --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

http://www.yelp.com/biz/cobblehill-super-service-brooklyn ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

http://brooklynheightsblog.com/archives/4295 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

http://brooklyn.citysearch.com/profile/32938630/ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

http://outside.in/places/cobble-hill-super-service-brooklyn ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

http://www.gowanuslounge.com/2008/10/21/neighbors-warn-against-cobble-hill-super-service/ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Cobble Hill Super Service Inc.
April 07, 2009

Yesterday I dropped off my 2004 Toyota for a tune up and oil change at Cobble Hill Super Service. Three hours later I recieved a phone call that my car is ready for pick up. Since I have been going there for about 3 years and never had ANY problem with them I decided to post on a few sites to get the word out about Cobble Hill. The only catch is they are almost always busy so you have to drop your car off early but this is a small price to pay for a FAIR trusty service.

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Cobble Hill Super Service Inc.
March 31, 2009

I just posted this review on another car site:

I have been going to Cobble Hill Super Service station for at least two years now. During this time I can honestly say that I never once had any complain about this garage. I want to spread the word to this community that this service station is EXCELLENT.
The are fast,effective and honest and I strongly recommend them to anyone that requires a dependable mechanic. :)

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Cobble Hill Super Service Inc.
March 27, 2009

Excellent Service! I don't understand how people could write that he is dishonest. I dealt with a guy there named Tony and he was nothing but polite and straight with me. he told me what i needed how much it was and if i wanted to get it done or not. i was so impressed with his lack of bullshitting me that i even buy gas there now.

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Cobble Hill Super Service Inc.
November 12, 2008

I brought my car in for an inspection. I received a call from one of the "mechanics" telling me that I need to replace all 4 struts, the coolant, Oil change, 1 tire and wiper blades. I told him I would pick up the car and get it done. I used to be a mechanic and I can take care of most of it. The "mechanic" then back peddled and said all I need to pass inspection was a new tire and wiper blades. Now I was sure this was a scam. I went to pick up the car. I agree the tire was worn. My wiper blades were replaced 3 months ago and I had no problem with them. You are at their mercy at this point because the inspection forms have already been submitted to the DMV. I paid them for the inspection (37.00 and they wanted cash) and asked how much the re-inspection would cost. He said 10 or 15 dollars. I went and got 2 new tires for the price they were going to charge for one tire($200) and replaced the wiper blades. I then went back for the re-inspection. They refused to do the re-inspection. They said they only do inspections in the morning. ( This was a lie!! A woman came in while I was there picking up my car at 2:30 that asked for an inspection on the spot. They said OK to her? I brought my car in at 12:30 without an appointment and they didn't refuse to do it ?) They said the owner would be back in an hour and I would have to talk to him. I didn't wait. AND THEN I FOUND THIS:


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Cobble Hill Super Service Inc.
November 11, 2008

We've had a very bad experience with this place. They come up with unneeded repair work, and refuse to do the needed work unless we agree to the charges. The service people are very rude and unhelpful. Many people have had problems with this place.

http://brooklyn.citysearch.com/profile/32938630/ or http://www.brooklynian.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3661


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Cobble Hill Super Service Inc.
September 07, 2008