clutch will not work on 1995 Ford F-250

F250 4X4 1995 Ford

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Could the clutch not working be related to any other problems?
Does it run? Generally the answer would be no , it is an independent system. Failure of clutch could be due to hydraulic failure or clutch assembly itself. What are the symptoms? Before and after suspected failure? Slipping? pedal nomal , but no engagement? Not able to shift gears?
Yes, it runs before and still does. When pushing the clutch pedal now it stays down but it starts in gear or in neuteral and when starting in gear the pedal stay down. The only way to stop the truck the is shut motor off. Before today the pedal was normal no changes until today when starting. No I am not able to shift gears. Thanks for the help.
Do you know where to check the fluid for the clutch master cylinder? Next question ; is it 7.3L diesel or 5.8L gas or the V6 engine? That makes a huge difference on whether or not you would want to tackle much beyond checking fluid. IF you find the reservoir check the cap , it should say 'DOT3' or 'dot4' FLUID REQUIRED(BRAKE FLUID) Most are DOT3 .Assuming it's low , add fluid and THEN pull up on the clutch pedal. Press down on clutch pedal and repeat with fluid until either you locate the leak or get enough pedal to drive it safely to a shop.Hopefully this helps a little. Good luck , let us know what happens.
I think so I put fluid in reservoir; 5.8 Gas, V8, I've already filled with fluid and pulled up on the pedal drove around on the farm without shifting about 1/2 mile no change and reservoir stayed full. Thank you for your answer. If you have more advice please let me know. Thanks
So the pedal stays to the floor , unless you pull it up manually? The slave cylinder on the 5.8 engine/trans is mounted on the input shaft housing , so you can't do anything but try to bleed it. To replace it you have to remove trans. Only other idea I can think of for now , would be to check inside on the firewall for residue(brake fluid) from the clutch master leaking.Let me know what you find. I'll try to check back before midnite (EST)......I suck at geography and state abreviations , is MO. Montana?
Yes the pedal stay to floor unlessed pulled up manually. I have no way to check tonight can't see no lights. We are in Missouri. I will get back to you Friday sometime if that's okay, after Thanksgiving. Thank you much for all the advice I really appreciate it. This is my farm truck I also use it to drive to work once in a while. But I do have other means such as a tractor for feeding hay however, I will miss it until I have it fixed. I have a newer Ford but would hate to mess it up feeding. Thanks again.
I'll check back. Enjoy the break!....And thanks for the education on state abreviations!
I did not find any leaks any where; how do you bleed it? Is the slave cylinder internal? I also have trouble with state abrev, however we printed a cheat sheet chart off the US Postal site comes in handy.... Thanks again for all your help...
According to the parts I looked up , the slave cyl. is mounted inside the bell housing on the input shaft housing. Bleed screw should be on the side of trans where line goes in (probably a pain to reach). Did you try pumping the pedal several times ,see if air bubbles are coming up into the clutch master? Do you have someone to help?