Mazda Miata MX-5 Problem Report

Mazda Miata MX-5 A Leak May Develop From the Clutch Slave Cylinder

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The clutch slave cylinder may develop a hydraulic leak resulting in no clutch pedal pressure and the inability to shift gears.

It ran fine previously, parked it on approximately a 15 degree upslope position. Came out, started it and the clutch pedal had virtually no resistance when pressed. The car would not go in gear and the master cylinder reservoir was empty. No noticeable leak was found on the ground. Continuing to trouble-shoot the problem. -
Exchange cylinder for about $40. -
Had the issue twice. -
Clutch goes to floor. IF I pump a few times, can get into gear. May be stuck there or hard to get out, and hard to shift to next gear. Replacing all clutch hydraulics fixed. (Master cylinder, slave cylinder, and hose.) -
clutch fluid all leaked out. then just filled it all back up and pumped clutch like 50 times and pressure came back. at 119000k now with no noticeable leak in clutch fluid -
With no lead up to the problem, the car would not go into gear. Replaced the master/slave cylinder and had the car towed to a local shop approximately 5 miles away. Cost was $558. Did I get ripped off? -
Slave cylinder replaced prior to my purchase of the vehicle. -
The clutch had started feeling funny over a period of a couple of months. One day I lost the ability to shift altogether. It was fixed temporarily by adding gear oil. Soon after that I had to have the clutch master and slave cylinders replaced. The problem is resolved for now, but the car still is reluctant to shift into first, especially when it is cold. -
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