Clutch Slave Cylinder on 2003 Saturn Vue

Is the clutch slave cylinder in the interior or exterior of the transmission on the saturn vue?

by in Potosi, MO on August 29, 2010
0 answers
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It looks like the slave is buried in the trans housing. Does the transmission have to be removed to get to it and if so what type of dificulty level could an amatuer mechanic expect. Thanks
I replaced the slave cylinder in my 2004 Saturn Vue 2.2L. After bleeding the line per the mfg service manual, it is still very easy to depress to the floor. Will using a manual vac/bleed unit wor...
today,when I got in my car, I went to push the clutch in to start it, and the clutch went to the floor easily with not tension behind it at all. What could the problem be, and how much to fix it?
Should I go ahead and replace the slave and master clutch cylinder if I am going to replace the clutch. The car has over 111,000 miles on it.
I'd like to change the clutch slave cylinder myself instead of going to a dealer. Do I need special tools? Can I just unbolt the transmissi...

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