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2001 Lincoln LS Question: clutch resevoir

Does the 2001 Lincoln LS V6 Sport Edition have a hydraulic clutch and if so does the fluid need to be checked and how? Thanks -
Answer 1
It does have a tiny clutch master cylinder near the brake master cylinder under the hood. Are you having troubles? This transmission was nearly perfect for me and my manual LS that I drove for over 100,000 miles. -
Comment 1
The car is actually my son's car and it has 140k on it. The car is mint. He says he feels a clink when shifting so I figured the first thing to do is check the clutch fluid if possible. I don't feel any clink when I drive it but then again I drive a 99 f150 with 317000k on it! Thanks -
Comment 2
I wouldn't be too concerned about the clutch fluid. I'd be more concerned about the clutch itself if it has never been replaced (probably hasn't been). Also - one noted weak spot is the shifter linkage. It is prone to breakage. It's basically a pretty cheap pot-metal piece that fractures. I had this happen to me without warning. Luckily, this is one of the few parts you can purchase separately. Enjoy this fun to drive car! -