Clutch question on 1994 Ford Ranger

ok i have a 1994 ford ranger 4 speed manual with over drive i have no clutch pedal it will go into all gears while the engine is off but it will not go into no gear while it is running i can start it in first gear but need to hold the break real hard cause it wants to take off the back tires spen while the clutch pettal is still in what is the problem

by in Jeromesville, OH on November 28, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on November 28, 2011
Check the clutch fluid in the reservoir, if it is low there is a leak, if the master cylinder leaks fluid will be seen where the pedal attaches to the push rod inside the truck. The clutch slave cylinder is inside the bell housing and would require removing the transmission to replace if it i leaking.
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