clutch problem on 1995 Nissan Altima

when i release the clutch & push the gas pedal the engine just revs. when the clutch pedal is almost fully released the the car will begin to drive, but i must push the gas pedal slowly, if push to fast the engine just revs. Car wont drive even with the clutch fully released.

by in Los Angeles, CA on September 15, 2009
2 answers
ANSWER by on September 15, 2009
Bad clutch, or the hydraulic brake system has a leak or an air bubble trapped in the line.
ANSWER by on September 15, 2009
Sounds like your clutch has failed, look up your vehicle on the Repairpal Estimator and put in clutch assembly replacement with your zip code, print out your estimate.You don't want to keep driving as you are burning your flywheel.
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