clutch problem on 1990 Mitsubishi Mighty Max

i was driving home and the clutch went to the floor so i started working on it i have replaced the clutch the cable the throw out bearing and had the tranny looked at by a mechanic it is a cable oporated clutch and i still have no clutch i pulled the pedal off but its not broken could it be twisted it the only thing i havent replaced please help

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did you replace the pressure plate and disc??

Looking for same answer. 1990 Mighty Max, cable operated, replaced pressure plate and disc, throw out bearing, cable, drain and replaced oil. Net result? Still no pressure on clutch arm. Nothing appears damaged, and everything appears to be put in correctly and pressure disc is torqued to specs (12-14 ft/lbs). Maybe someone can throw us both a bone with a good guess.
the cable sounds like the issue. the way it is mounted to the firewall or pedal assembly. the other end is at the trans or bell housing. make sure it is secured and not floating. it has to be stationary in order to move the arm on the throw out bearing. the adjustment is key as well but i doubt it is that.
let me know how it is mounted

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its the throw out control ARM they are cast aluiminum an they get bent an tweaked over time . mine snapped so I instantly saw the problem now I'm stuck with the question weather or not I can replace it with out having to replace the whole transmission or having to do a full removal. any tips will help.
i need to know more about this? mine looks like the firewall is pulling in??