Suzuki Sidekick Problem Report

Suzuki Sidekick Clutch Pedal May Suddenly Fall to the Floor

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The clutch pedal may suddenly fall to the floor due to a broken weld on the pedal pivot assembly. A revised clutch pedal assembly is available to correct this condition.

My bracket broke also and replaced it with an upgraded one without any other problems. -
Replaced master and slave cylinder and problem didn't get fixed. Could not shift at all. Finally a friend who works for a Suzuki dealer showed me what was wrong. Pulled out the part, had son-in-law weld it and so far it's holding. -
My sons suzuki sidekick clutch pedal just fell to the floor. We cannot find the bracket arm ANYWHERE. we have searched junk yards, new stores ...well you name it...we cannot find it. If this is such a common problem, why cant we get it fixed?? -
solutuion pending finding parts! What about a bhydraulic conversions solution ?? -
broken pivit on clutch pedal -
the clutch pedal snapped off and I can not find one anywhere. -
We have a 1997 X90 in Canada. (Btw, this site won't take a Canadian postal code so I borrowed the one for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave) The weld failed on the clutch pedal at the pivot point . One garage said it was only tacked (meaning amazing that it lasted this long) tried to re-weld it without success. We will try welding the inside without adding material (tig?). Alternatively, I have some ideas for altering the pedal to better engineer the point where the pivot post meets the pedal arm. mj -
Glad I found this thread! -
The clutch pedal broke off the shaft on my wife's X-90. I took the pedal and shaft out and had a friend TIG weld the shaft on both sides of the pedal. It required a minimal amount of filing on the bushing side before I put it back in. Now it works great. -
Same thing happened to my wife's X90. Looking for replacement part. -
I replaced the same part over 10 times and still Suzuki have not fix the problems with the bracket. -
Clutch Pedal Assembly broke in two at the bracket. Cant find a part any where!!! -
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