Clutch pedal assembly on 1990 Chevrolet S10

The clutch pedal assembly has a plastic flywheel under the dash that guides the clutch cable. I have a 1982 S-10 Durango and I have replaced this plastic gear/sprocket 4 -5 times over the years. Is there a replacement for this piece made of metal? The plastic teeth break, and the clutch does work after that. Is there any other solution to looking for this same plastic part again?

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How old is your clutch and how hard is it to push down? Often the pedal mechanisms break when the clutch pressure plate is worn out and the pedal is hard to push. This happens a lot. So, make sure your clutch is nice an easy and smooth to disengage. Your could probably have the gear machined by a decent machinist. Aluminum is easy to cut and mill.
The clutch is not real hard to push down. I had the pressure plate replaced over 10 years ago. I will try to find a machinist that can fabricate the gear. Thank you for the quick response. The 1982 truck runs great, and I will keep it and continue to repair/replace parts as necessary. I don't use it for much heavy work, but I have had it since it was new, and consider it worth keeping. Thank you for the rapid response. I will contact you again soon. I also want to replace the rear bumper, bench seat, replace the interior overhead cloth and buy a good bed liner. Any ideas or suggestions?
Did you find a machinist that would make one... How Much .... Where

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i need this part also,does anyone make it new?
The part isn't available anymore couldnt even find it at the junk yards. So you are left with two options 1. Install a hydrolic system or 2. Remove the smaller ratchet gear and spring assembly ( the one that grasps the cable drill a hole in the larger plastic portion and mount the cable to it. It does raise the pedal somewhat and the clutch safety switch will need to be fixed in the depressed state for the engine to start but it has worked fine for me. Chevy went to a hydrolic cluth a year or two after creating this abortion.
mkr62: im havin the same problem as the other gentlemen, where at in the bigger plastic portion do i drill the hole??
I have this same problem. How expensive are the fixes you guys have come up with and how well do they work?