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2002 Kia Rio Question: Clutch or Transmission

I just bought a 2002 kia rio not too long ago. it's a manual. i was driving and all of a sudden it started slowing down until it came to a complete stop. IT starts up and runs but it won't go anywhere. I thought it was the clutch but in order to start the car you need to push the clutch down. Also I can switch gears without the clutch being pushed down and it makes the clicks. Like i said, the car starts up and runs but it will not move. The check engine light was on but i recently started it up and it didn't come on at all. Is it the clutch or is it something to do with the transmission. -
Answer 1
classic symtoms of a clutch. take it to a shop for replacement. normal pricing of 500-600 parts and labor. Roy -
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