clutch is stuck how to fix on 1999 Nissan Sentra

ok I was driving last night and when i shifted into 2nd the clutch went down with no resistance and wouldn't come back up. I was not able to shift due to the clutch not engaging. I have to turn the car off and put it in gear to start moving and then during driving I have to power shift. Im wondering if its the slave or master cylinder or perhaps maybe my clutch is just done. The pedal has been very stiff lately and now no tension at at all

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Sure sounds like an actual clutch problem rather than hydraulics.
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It could be any of the components and it could be all the above. Check clutch master to see if full. Have a friend pump the clutch and you watch to see if the slave is working. Could be stiff clutch springs causing the slave to bypass. Could be all three.
check and see if its your clutch slave cylinder it can leak and cause it to fail.
ok where is my slave cylinder located ??
It's probably above your capacity, seek some help from a friend that knows how to check it.
turns out it was my clutch cable it snapped.
Must have been one of them hydracrylic cables!!
no its not hydraulic
Well... i figured that much!! I was just,,,,never mind!!!!!