Clutch is not fully disengaging ? on 1991 Honda Accord

I just replaced the clutch in my 91 accord. It is on jack stands right now. I started it and while I put it in 1st gear I kept the clutch pedal down, the tires were spinning. Then while still holding the pedal down I hit the brake and it died.
I already replaced the clutch master cylinder. any ideas?

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Bleed the system, a bunch of times! Keep master full of fluid at all times.
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Improper assembly , faulty parts , or not bled enough. ......Does clutch pedal come back up on its' own or do yohave to pull it up? With it running , can you shift the gears without fighting or grinding? Do you have someone to help you , so you can watch slave cyl. operation while pedal is pumped?
When we go to bleed the master we see air coming threw the clear line but i have to pull the clutch pedal up myself. When i start it sometimes it will go into 1st 2nd and 3rd or i have to really fight it to go into gear. It kinda looks like the slave cylinder is not pushing the fork far enough. Idk?
If you're still seeing air , then it's either drawing air into system from a leak (connection or hose , faulty clutch M/C or slave cyl.) , or it hasn't been bled enough. Do you have someone helping you bleed it? Where the symptoms the same , before changing the clutch? -Was the slave cylinder wet? Did you check inside the car UNDER the floor mat/insulation for signs of fluid from clutch M/C? IF all is dry , then be patient and bleed. Try this to start -- remove bleed screw from slave cyl. completely and have yours or friends finger tight over opening--(be prepared for spray -have goggles on)- SLOWLY using hand , pump clutch pedal 1/2 way up and down several times -keeping finger pressure on bleed opening as to NOT let air back in system. When you get fluid only , then put bleed screw back in and bleed the same way , by hand , only open bleed screw long enough to let a little out at a time , until a good response from slave cyl. and pedal is returning on its' own , then use foot to complete bleeding , keeping an eye on slave cyl. for good response. -------Reply with results........or don't...........
possible clutch pedal inoperative.