Clutch Fluid Leaks on 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 1997 Cavalier Z24, my problem is I have to replace the clutch fluid almost every time I drive. If the car sits no fluid is gone. It only happens during driving im guessing. Please help?

by in Westland, MI on May 19, 2009
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ANSWER by on May 19, 2009
The clutch hydraulic system must have pits or scoring in the clutch master or slave cylinder. As you press the clutch pedal the rubber seals in the cylinder travel through the bore and develop hydraulic pressure. If the bore is scored the rubber seals get damaged and rather than develop hydraulic pressure fluid leaks past the seal each time the pedal is pressed. At rest the seals may well be resting in an area of the cylinder bore that is not damaged or scored.
COMMENT by on August 03, 2010
Well my car does the same thing I got a 97 cavalier and I. Found a clutch kit online for 165 nice one and its not hard to do which the slave cylinder comes with it and its only a half day job.
COMMENT by on August 03, 2010
That was my comment above well I got my new clutch in and slave cylinder and my clutch petal is the best its ever been like a new car. I ended up only spending 215 bucks clutch kit was 162 with free shipping and I had to get transmission fluid and tranny seals put a brand new clutch bleeder on and my car is as good as new.
ANSWER by on February 07, 2010
This isn't an answer, but I have a question about this. I have the same car with the same issue. What ever ended up being the diagnoses on this? Or do you even have the car anymore? I haven't had mine looked at yet.
COMMENT by on February 07, 2010
Well the mechanic found there was a leak inside the transmission, can't remeber what exactly. But he told me it was best to replace the whole clutch while the transmission was dropped. Cost is between 600-750 I believe.
COMMENT by on February 09, 2010
Thanks for getting back to me. That's pretty much what I figured. Might as well do the clutch while it's all opened up. I was also figuring around that price too. Thanks again.
COMMENT by on October 08, 2011
i have a sunfire with a 2.4 out of a cavalier. i purchased a new clutch and had it installed by mechanic. i drove th e car home and the next morning the clutch petal was on the floor. i try to fill the resivoir and bleed the clutch but the fluid just pours out the bottom of the transmission. i was suggested that it might be the slave cylinder inside the transmission. how hard would this problem be to fix?
ANSWER by on March 26, 2010
when clutch pedal is depressed the hydraulic system gets pressurized causing leaks at clutch master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder, or hydraulic lines if any one those are worn out(just like autotechpat describes in his answer). Take your vehicle to a good shop and have them inspect the leak. if the shop recommends to replcae master and slave cylinder at the same time and if the cost is ok then you should replace both because there is a possibility that if one goes out then the other might go out right after so it is not a bad idea to do both at the same time.
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