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2003 GMC Envoy Question: clutch fan

I got an 03 envoy 4.2 we love it but we are tryimg to find out why the cluch fan when it kicks in it sound like a jet fighter taking off is there a sencor that controlls that or is the fan going bad -
Answer 1
I have the same problem now, did you find out if there was a sensor, what to do to fix it. -
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were about 95% positive its the clutch fan I hope your sitting down the price of the clutch fan runs about $200.00 and up make sure you get the life time warrenty one dealer ship charges 2x's the cost of the part plus the cost of repair unless you do it yourself there is a electronic peice on front of the fan to tell it what speed for the fan to run thats the peice bad but you have to buy the whole clutch fan with that relay atatched . do you have a engin light on mine doesnt so putting it on dionostics wont show anything. -
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