Clutch chatter/shudder that gets better after bleeding, but comes back again. on 1993 Honda Accord

Hello, I recently had my clutch, master cylinder, and slave cylinder replaced by a transmission shop in December, 2013. Ever since then, I have had clutch chatter that is getting progressively worse. I thought it might be air in the system, so I bled it out using the correct procedure. After bleeding the first time, the chatter disappeared, but only to REAPPEAR a few days later. I'm thinking maybe a leak? Now it's gotten to the point where I have to bleed the system every few days, and now the chatter/shudder doesn't go away completely anymore, it is just BETTER after bleeding. Any help would be great, thanks!

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I say it's a clutch disc, clutch pressure plate or flywheel issue. Maybe all three! Hard to get into reverse or first gear? That would be more like a hydraulic problem!
Well, I wonder why the shuddering would get better after bleeding the system. Also, I forgot to mention that I noticed yesterday that the master cylinder (viewed from drivers seat) had a drop of fluid hanging off it.
Clutch chatter to me is when you let the clutch out to take off the car shakes/ vibrates like the clutch is rough, that what you got?
Well yes, but if it goes away when I bleed the hydraulic lines, wouldn't that mean it's a hydraulic issue? Or a leak? Because the chatter comes back a couple of days after I bleed the system. Also, there is a very noticeable creaking noise coming from under the hood every time I press the clutch pedal down. But only when the vehicle is off. Thanks
Google clutch chatter, maybe even search youtube.
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sounds like air in system. does pedal feel mushy
It doesn't really feel mushy.
I would take it back to where you had the work done should be under warranty