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2006 Kia Sorento Question: clutch assembly

Should an entire clutch assembly wear out at 57,000 miles? I am second owner and am being told nothing is covered under the warranty that this is normal wear & tear. Also very confusing about second owner warranty coverage. Other things have been covered but now I'm being told nothing for this major problem. Will cost $1400 that I don't have. -
Answer 1
all depends on driving habits. you do not know how the first owner drove and if you have more than one driver, some of it may be your habits. it is a normal wear and tear item so it is not a warranty issue. Roy -
Comment 1
Thanks Roy. Not what I wanted to hear but I appreciate your feedback! -
Answer 2
My clutch assembly on my NEW Kia went out after a year. I only have 46000 miles on my Kia Sorento and so far I've had to replace headlights, clutch and now AC compressor. Only the clutch was covered as it was within the first year. -
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