clutch on 1997 Honda Civic

my clutch is starting to shutter a bit when i'm i'm in first gear. should i replace it or is there something else i should do?. also if i have to replace it, should i take it to have it done or is it pretty easy to replace myself. I have very little mechanical knowledge.

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The clutch may chatter if the clutch disc is contaminated with oil or the clutch disc or pressure plate is failing. This is not a job you want to take on at home the engine needs to be supported, drive shafts removed and aligning the clutch after replacement of the clutch components can be frustrating unless you have a clutch line up tool (all though it is included in some clutch kits). By the time you buy the tools you need it will be as cheap to have some one replace the clutch. If the clutch is being replace you should surface the flywheel and inspect/replace the crankshaft rear main seal as you are right there in the area.