clutch on 1995 Toyota T100

will not go into reverse when running all other gears are not as hard. tryed to adjust rod under dash on clutch cylinder. am almost out of adjustment

by in Fort Loudon, PA on April 07, 2011
2 answers
ANSWER by on April 07, 2011
Has the clutch slave cylinder or master cylinder got any signs of fluid leak? Is the clutch master cylinder building up sufficient pressure/ no air in the system? Try bleeding it. After that Its either too much clearance, or a clutch problem. If you switch off the truck, select reverse and then start up the truck with your foot on the clutch and reverse works fine then reverse in the transmission is most likely OK.
ANSWER by on April 30, 2011
I was having the same problem out of my 4WD T100. I found out from Toyota that the clutch pedal bracket has a defect that causes shifting and other related problems with the clutch system, transmission, and driveability. Toyota carries that replacement part and told me that they've had to replace them on countless T100s. If you need anything else you can reach me on this site
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