1996 Pontiac Firebird Q&A

1996 Pontiac Firebird Question: clutch

Running along fine then clutch went out,checked fluid,none.I filed it up and pushed clutch pedal fluid came out bottom looks like from bell houseing -
Answer 1
your clutch slave cyl went out. i rec you repl clutch master and slave cyl at the same time -
Comment 1
Do I need to pull tranny to get slave out,my haynes manual says nothing about slave cylinder -
Comment 2
yes its approx a 4hr job with a rack and air tools -
Comment 3
ok thanks a bunch,I will get her out -
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i changed my 94 from auto to 5speed with all 95 parts an the clutch wont disengage
i tried to put car into reverse and it made a grinding noise...then it was hard to go into gear there after..now i have to shut car off to get into gear..its like its not disingaging
...erse. you can start the car up try to go into reverse and it acts like you didnt even push the clutch in, then other times its fine for days. any ideas?
sometimes have to push the clutch several times before it does anything
When i depress the clutch,a high pitch squeal issues from the motor dept.,and continues as i shift from 1st to 5th gear....