clutch on 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse

my master clutch cylinder, & the slave, were replaced too, both are new, why my shifter feels hard to get into the gear

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This could be caused by air still in the hydraulic system, get a friend to depress the clutch pedal, open the bleed screw on the clutch slave cylinder and then physically push the clutch fork toward the slave cylinder to displace any air still trapped there. Keep the piston fuly pushed into the cylinder as you tighten the bleed screw. Next look at the clearance at the push rod at the pedal to back of the clutch master cylinder if the linkage is too short it allows too much clearance and will not "properly disrupt or "break" the drive between the engine and transmission" if the linkage does not allow enough clearance the clutch will slip and fail prematurely so the adjustable clearance is important to adjust properly. A clutch disc that is "hanging up on the input shaft splines" or a broken or dislodged clutch disc spring could also cause the problem but I suspect it is too much clutch pedal to master cylinder clearance, try taking up some of the clearance.