Clutch on 1998 Nissan Pathfinder

When starting off in 1st gear, shifting into 2nd and 3rd, the engine revs higher than it normally should, and the vehicle doesn't go any faster. Once into 4th and 5th gears, it drives fine.

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Most likely your clutch is worn out or you need to replace your fluid. Replace the fluid first b/v it's way cheaper. Find your master cylinder. On the firewall driver side looks like a small brake master & takes brake fluid. If it's low then your clutch is worn or you are leaking. If it's black you might get away with replacing the fluid. Follow the line to the slave cylinder on the side of the bellhousing. Open the bleeder screw on it, take the cap off the master, & fill it up as it gravity bleeds until you have used about a bottle. Usually clutch slippage is more pronounced in lower gears because they apply more power. Good Luck.