cluster panel on 1997 Chrysler Town & Country

cluster panel signs that it is going out have floting gauges and a hard shift?

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Sounds like your instrument cluster has a problem. Need to have its Computer scanned.
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This is a common problem with this generation van. It is caused by a break in the circuit somewhere on the main board. For some reason, the main bus routes through this board, so if the break is in the right place, the body computer doesn't let the engine computer get power, and the van doesn't stay running. This manifests as dead gauges and start/die condition. Smacking the gauge binnacle sometimes temporarily solves it. The correct repair involved finding and repairing the broken circuit. It may be as simple as a broken solder joint.
My 2003 chrysler town and country speedometer stopped working when I changed the transmission module. Trying to figure hot how to fix it. Everything else works