Clunking sound and shsking in front end. on 2005 Saturn Vue

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When I go over RxR crossings, Speed bumps, anything, the front end shakes like something is broken. Steering wheel also shakes.
(5) Answers
You may be right but it is more likely something is loose. You should get this problem check out as soon as possible - hopefully before something does break! If you don't know what to look for the best bet would be to have your Vue inspected by a qualified repair shop that does front end alignments.
My Vue did something similar to this. I had my sway bars replaced and it seemed to resolve the problem!
you should definitely have your sway bar and tie rods checked.
Same thing on my 06 Saturn Vue. Saturn tried everything to fix--no luck. At 50K I changed my front disc brakes and made sure the clips were tight. Problem solved!
I had a clanking sound in the same area and found out that the hood prop was was loose.