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2001 Chrysler Town & Country Question: Clunking noise

I replaced the whole struts system (springs and all), ball joint, mount bearing, disconnected the stabilizer links (whole sway bar) and still have that clunking on front passenger side. What else? Everyone just new this would fix it. -
Answer 1
Did anyone check the wheel bearings? Is this chrysler a four wheel drive? -
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The wheel bearings where supposedly checked and it is a AWD. -
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I see replacement cv shafts available for your awd ($140 to $171 rebuilt ) about an 1hr to 1 1/2hr to replace -
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I have not heard a popping noise when I back up or turn sharply. I have had the CV joint to go out on another Dodge and it did not have the same noise at all. This noise is only heard when driving over a bump in either direction. If the road is smooth, you don't hear a noise at all, even when turning. -
Answer 2
Hi Sharon B, I too have an '01 Town and Country with a pretty bad sounding clunk in the front end, on the passenger side, luckily my brother owns his own automotive shop and upon putting the van up on the rack, he too checked every single part he could possibly check.. After being stumped for a week or two, he had me bring it in again, and this time he discovered that the rubber bushings that surround the ends of the sway bar (and a few others) were completely worn out, much to my surprise and satisfaction, I was able to buy a complete vehicle bushings package for little more than $250, it only took a few hours to replace all the bushings from front to back, and immediately solved my clunking problem, it also seemed to tighten the steering response a little too.... Good luck with your van... -
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