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1997 Toyota 4Runner Question: clunk underneath

When i come to a moderate stop and then let off the brake their is a noticeable clunk. U joints are tight, tranny tailpiece is tight. Anyone ever had or heard of the problem? -
Answer 1
I just bought my collage kid one of these and there's a recall on the rear suspension: RepairPal Expert Overview: Toyota has recalled 1996-1998 4Runner trucks because when they are loaded down fully, steering response and handling may be compromised, which can cause a loss of vehicle control. Dealers will replace the rear suspension parts. But I would have a shop double check those u-joints especially the rear one -
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thanks for input will have them checked again. -
Answer 2
could be the trans mount that is broken and the trans is coming down after tension is off the power train. Roy -
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Thanks for responding, had vehicle on a lift once while it was running in gear wiih the brake on and hitting the throttle in drive and reverse and everything seemed tight. Might have to check again. -
Answer 3
Engine or trans mount... -
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Will check engine mounts. I dont feel it while rolling down the road . getting on and off the gas. Normally you should feel a broken one that way, but will have them checked out. -