clogged catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, bad alternator, bad computer, or what? on 2001 Kia Spectra

my kia has no power and most of the time struggles to get up to 30 mph. belt squeals and battery does not seem to have alot of juice. changed plugs, changed oil, checked all vacuum lines, does not loose water, no oil burn, or excess foamy oil. heat is available very quickily in interior of car, but engine temperature and/or radiator not overheating. could it be the precat under the manifold clogged or is it a faulty sensor somewhere.

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sounds like you jumped timing
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Timing belt could have skipped a tooth. No check engine light on? I doubt it's a clogged exhaust.
Timing belt may be off a tooth, or catalytic converter may be clogged. You may also check your drive belt accessories, one of the pulleies may be seizing.
I have the exact same problem. but mine started a week after i had the exhaust repaired and my alternator repaired ( alternator bolts were rusted and striped, and had to be welded on). so i wasnt sure if it was electrical or exhust ,cat etc.
please let me know when you find out what it is.
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