Clogged AC evaporator drain on 1997 Honda Accord

My AC evaporator drain is clogged, and water builds up and spills into the passenger side on long drives. How can I unclog the the drain?

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This worked for a 4-cyl '97 Accord, but I'm 99% sure it's the same on a V-6.

Instead of using a wire to dislodge a clog, you can use a shop-vac (pref with exhaust option) and "micro" shop-vac attachments.

This is an improved version of the tip I found somewhere else.
1. Find drain tube on underside of car (near front-left wheel). There are two similar rubber tubes very close to one another; one is closer to the ground than the other. You want the other one, the end of it is a few inches above the first one.
2. Hook up shop-vac to tube (it will stretch to fit around the tool).
3. Run in exhaust/blow mode for just a second or two.
4. Switch to vac/suck mode and do the same. You should find water and gunk in the shop-vac hose.
5. Disconnect shop-vac; you'll probably get additonal drainage.
6. Monitor drainage for a few days to confirm you've cleared the whole clog.
It's VERY hard to find but you will need to get under the car on the passenger side and look up by the steering belows for a black plastic box . If you are very lucky, there will be a very small amount of condensation still dripping. Get inside the hole with a coat hanger and jiggle it up and down. Water should then gush out. Good luck, as it is not easy to find.