clock & outside mirror won't work on 1999 Toyota Camry

The clock, outside mirror, cigarette lighter and alternate accessory plug wont't work. We have checked all the fuses and replaced all the 15A ones. What else could be wrong?

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Just to make know that there are 2 fuse boxes, one is under the hood and the other is to the left of the steering wheel behind the coin holder. I had the exact same problem that you had (clock, mirrors, and cig outlets) but once I replaced the two 15 amp fuses that were out (outlet and cig) everything worked fine including the clock and mirrors. Hope this is helpful!
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The white wire at the ignition switch should have 12 volts, key ignition key in accessory position the Blue/red wire should have 12 volts. This Blue/red wire supplies power to the fuse box were it dived to feed the 15Amp power outlet fuse, 7.5 Amp radio 2 fuse, and 15Amp cigarette lighter. The blue/red wire may need to be traced to the fuse box if you verify that there is no power to either of these three fuses. Simplest to verify power at ignition switch Blue /red wire first.