climate control heating sensor on 1994 Volvo 960

My airconditioning system does not work effectively. It is fully gassed up, but the compressor seems to be cutting in and out, I suspect it is my outside sensor. The inside of the car gets too hot before the aircon starts to work but not for long. and the compressor cuts out. Is it the sensor. I believe it is behind the glove compartment. How do I get there and what do I do to fix it.

by in Knoxville, TN on December 07, 2009
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ANSWER by , December 07, 2009
Hello, A good way to determine what is happening here is to check the power to the a/c compressor connector when the compressor is not working. Some of the compressors on the 960's had a temperature sensor on the compressor that caused this same issue, but there can also be a problem with the low pressure sensor or the a/c clutch as well. Good luck, let me know if you need any clarification.
COMMENT by , December 11, 2009
Thank you bretb, I will find someone to investigate this for me, as I Know very little about electronics. someone told me it was the sensor just behind the glove box, and put a resistor in so the compressor can come in earlier. It worked for a while, but I am back to square one. How do I take out the glove box, so I can replace the sensor. Thanks
COMMENT by , December 14, 2009
I would get it looked at by a shop, preferably one that has experience working on Volvo's. I advise against modifying the system unless it is an update from the manufacturer, otherwise your just masking a problem, not fixing it. Good Luck, let me know what they end up finding!
COMMENT by , December 15, 2009
Hi Bretb, The trouble is that I had my car at the agents for at least a day, and they could not find the fault, so Iam a bit cheesed off with agents and I find it hard to find someone that understand the 960 a/c what do you sugest I do. Other a/c repairers dont always understand the volvo. Thanks
COMMENT by , December 15, 2009
This system is not that complex, but it does have a few weird issues that can be confusing. Let me get this straight, the A/C is compressor is cycling on and off? And the A/C is not cooling very well? How do you know the system is fully charged? Do you have the mechanical ability to perform a few tests yourself? You'll need a voltmeter or a 12 volt test light.
COMMENT by , January 18, 2011
I had this problem on an S70. Fully charged, worked fine then compressor would cut out. Turn off 20 -30 minutes and you could run it again for a while. Volvo tech said it was the coils and that they would have to be replaced to the tune of $600.