clickong sound when making a turn, left or right on 1993 Honda Civic del Sol

I just replace both the drive axles with brand new ones but the clicking sound still persists..did I miss anything? Please adavice. Thanks

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Were your CV joints ripped on the old axles? Outer CV joints that worn after the boots have failed make a click , click ,click sound that increases with speed on a tight turn (like in a parking lot of taking a sharp turn). An inner joint may cause more of a rumble or give a vibration. I have seen re manufactured axles that were just tight and weren't re manufactured well. I have seen something as simple as the split pin in the cage that surrounds the axle center nut give a rattle as you drive around but you say it is a clicking sound. Haas it changed at all since changing the axles. Do you have to be taking a turn or could it be just on suspension rise and fall, I have seen the ball and socket joint in the sway bar link give and annoying rattle when driving over rough ground but it sounds like bad shock mounts or bushings.
This sounds like it has to be CV joint noise from an axle.
the clicking sound occurs only during sharp right or left turns.
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I had the same problem and had everything external to the transnmission replaced, but still had the same problem. I had the transmission rebuilt and a thrust bearing in the differential was bad. That was causing the clicking noise when turning but it was not heard when driving straight....