Clicking when turning? on 1991 Honda Prelude

My prelude is wonderful, except recently when I turn my steering wheel more than 40 degrees in either direction there is a rapid clicking noise that seems to come from the front right of the car. this noise dissipates as soon as the wheel is righted again. I've asked others about this problem before but have recieved vague answers. could anyone give me a list of possible issues this results from and the seriousness of the issue? thank you!!!

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Sounds like CV Joint(s) to me. And it is, usually almost the same cost to replace the whole half shaft and you get both joints (inner and outer) on the new shaft.
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Sounds like wheel bearings to me
i have the same problem it sounds like valves clicking kinda my buddy told me i needed a new axel i called orileys and they said like 65 dollars im picking it up in the morning ill let u know if it is the axel once we put it on tommorow